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In Reflection

In this age of technology, we have more data now than ever before.  From my observation most athletes are either using the data in the moment or immediately post the event to analyze their race.  However, as a general observation there is a lack of long-term reflection and year on year learning.

One simple practice is to write down a post race reflection.  This should include the nutrition overview as well as all the things that went right and wrong.  Here are some basic areas to look at on the post race reflection:
  • The buildup - Any specific weak phases, major interruptions
  • The taper – needs to be specific.  How did it feel and did you come up as anticipated
  • Travel and the stay
  • Last 48 hours prior to the race including nutrition
  • The race itself broken into;
  • General climate / weather conditions
  • Nutrition – what was taken, when, what quantities?
  • The specific components swim, bike, run and transitions
  • Post race – feelings, and emotions

Year on year it becomes useful to read over these notes.   There will almost certainly be things you forgot from the prior year and learning’s that will make you a better athlete.  Having a process like this will enable you to pick up the easiest time gains imaginable.

So take the time to record, review and reflect.

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