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The book review of A Life Without Limits - the story of Chrissie Wellington and her Ironman Championship success!

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Using Mental Toughness Training For Triathlons Visualization Techniques to make your goals reality By Joseph Correa – Certified Meditation Instructor The book starts by building the framework and support for mediation as a tool to assist your racing and performance.   As in most claims for yoga/ meditation, there was numerous claims that I felt went over and above what was needed, however in a nutshell, the fact is that meditation is highly useful.   It was also clear that the author had a solid understanding of training and racing that the entire book was prefaced with the fact that actual training...

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This is a quick book review of the book:Shoe Dog - A Memoir By The Creator Of NIKE  - Phil KnightTo download this title on - week I read a book and will post a book review to the Tri Edge Radio channel when it's a relevant sports/ sports business book.Overall I felt this was a great read!   There were a number of aspects that I could relate to in the book with Phil going through growing pains of the Nike brand.    I found the book honest, thoughtful and inspiring.I hope you also enjoy reading Shoe...

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