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Using Mental Toughness Training For Triathlons Visualization Techniques to make your goals reality By Joseph Correa – Certified Meditation Instructor The book starts by building the framework and support for mediation as a tool to assist your racing and performance.   As in most claims for yoga/ meditation, there was numerous claims that I felt went over and above what was needed, however in a nutshell, the fact is that meditation is highly useful.   It was also clear that the author had a solid understanding of training and racing that the entire book was prefaced with the fact that actual training...

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A Life Without Limits By Michael Aylwin, Chrissie Wellington Narrated by Imogen Church   From the very introduction to the book, you can feel that there has been a lot of thought and time that has gone into conveying the emotions and story that was the multiple Hawaiian Ironman Champion and World Record holder, Chrissie Wellington.   The book starts of very broad terms and for a short moment, I felt it may fall into the abyss of general ghost written books, talking in very general terms about the widely known aspects of Ironman.  But from the outset there was...

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This is a quick book review of the book:Shoe Dog - A Memoir By The Creator Of NIKE  - Phil KnightTo download this title on - week I read a book and will post a book review to the Tri Edge Radio channel when it's a relevant sports/ sports business book.Overall I felt this was a great read!   There were a number of aspects that I could relate to in the book with Phil going through growing pains of the Nike brand.    I found the book honest, thoughtful and inspiring.I hope you also enjoy reading Shoe...

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