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Over the course of a season there are a handful a races that mentally and physically you can ‘dip into the account’. What this generally means is that you do a full buildup, quality speed phase and taper in order to create a window of ‘peaking’. If you get it right and the conditions are set up, you are able to push past limits that you may have on yourself and have the race of your life.With reference to the weekends 70.3 Ironman World Champs in South Africa, it was clearly a highly competitive race at the top of the...

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As we are half way through the Asia racing season it is important to have a think about the plans for the back half of 2018 and to lay the plans to enable you to have the best chance of success possible. Here are the three key factors to planning a successful Ironman, Triathlon, Marathon or sports buildup. Races too far apart or awkwardly spaced We often run into this problem with our athletes who are racing half Ironman (70.3) or Challange events. Logically they want to give themselves 6-8 weeks between each race however this time period is difficult...

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There are just some clips that get you pumped to be a Triathlete.Here are our three favorite clips of all time, each showing something special that can be found through this amazing sport. Enjoy!

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