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To start lets make it clear, there is certainly a time and place to use training tools.   Every training tool developed can be useful, however for the most part triathletes use training tools as a band-aid to cover up the weakness they simply find too painful to address.  Here are my top 5Swimming pull buoy When an athlete is coming to the pool and consistently using a pull buoy usually it is because the swimmer wants to avoid addressing kicking issues or poor body position in the water.  For elite athletes especially those racing long course it is understandable...

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​By Michael lyons Coach and Co-Owner TriEdge Triathlon Coaching(Michael is Level 2 Tri NZ certified Coach with more than 4000 hours coaching time) Ilona Kasza, Nutritionist at Tucker Health ( ​An increasing number of our Team at TriEdge will be fasting during Ramadan and they and others have asked for some tips and guidance as Triathletes. In general, An Increasing number of our Team are already intermittent fasting these days for Health and performance, promoting a state of Ketosis (more on that later from ILona) I personally have experience 12, 18 and 24 hour food only fasts on a regular basis...

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