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In this age of technology, we have more data now than ever before.  From my observation most athletes are either using the data in the moment or immediately post the event to analyze their race.  However, as a general observation there is a lack of long-term reflection and year on year learning. One simple practice is to write down a post race reflection.  This should include the nutrition overview as well as all the things that went right and wrong.  Here are some basic areas to look at on the post race reflection: The buildup - Any specific weak phases,...

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Using Mental Toughness Training For Triathlons Visualization Techniques to make your goals reality By Joseph Correa – Certified Meditation Instructor The book starts by building the framework and support for mediation as a tool to assist your racing and performance.   As in most claims for yoga/ meditation, there was numerous claims that I felt went over and above what was needed, however in a nutshell, the fact is that meditation is highly useful.   It was also clear that the author had a solid understanding of training and racing that the entire book was prefaced with the fact that actual training...

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