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Target race Vs First race of the season

With the holidays now over, most of us a now well into our first month of training.  One common problem for many athletes is performing too well, too early in the season.   The cause of this is simply not defining your target race or peak event for the season and making a suitable plan to build you to the goal.

Within any given season it is possible to have 2-3 peak events.  Surrounding and complementing these events, will be training and building races consisting of 10-30 races over the duration of a year.
These building races have a number of variables. Is a client targeting their first Triathlon event?  If so, local race series events such as MetaSport and Tri Factor may be perfect building and target events for this person.  If a client is more seasoned and looking to race higher level racing such as World Champs Olympic Distance events, or longer races such as half or full Ironman distance, races that lead up to a peak such as these will be different person to person.

So how do we at Tri Edge cater for each individual to make sure these clients get the 'training and building' races they need in order to culminate into a peak?
   As each buildup is usual 12-16 weeks the following factors will be taken into account:
  1. What is the athletes weakest discipline or discipline we want to improve this season?  This will help guide us on the most frequent single discipline events we will focus on one particular discipline over the course of the buildup
  2. What is the target race distance and type.  Given this we will work backward selecting key building and sharpening races in both single and multidisciplinary events over the course of the buildup

Races could be - single discipline, such as:
  • Swimming - Any pool style event, or open water
  • Cycling - Road racing, TT's, criterium or touring
  • Running - any length of distance that is suitable to your end target
And/ or multidisciplinary events such as:
  • Aquathlon
  • Duathlon
  • & Triathlon
At Tri Edge we follow some general rules in advising what races clients should do on their way through a training plan, in preparation to a peak/ target event.  
Overall, a carefully planned program will encompass the racing that clients want to do over the course of a year and the timing is carefully managed to make sure exactly the right level of duration, intensity and specificity is given.  

We wish you all the best for the 2015 season.  We are pumped!

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