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The midway point - 3 golden tips

We now at the midway point of the Singapore Triathlon season.  This means we are hitting our first peak and the business end.

For some, you may have already done one or two big races however your best is still to come. Unless there has been very hard and specific time trials prior to this time of the year, your body still won't be race fit right now.   With each race you will learn how to hurt, how much pain you can endure and what your limits are.

So given your ready to roll, here are our 3 golden tips of things you can be doing right now, to have an awesome race day.

1.  It's all about recovery.   We are used to being tired, training on smashed legs and feeling like a cold is just around the corner for several months.    We now want to hyper compensate our body.  Sessions will be shorter and sharper, lifting the key race specific speed work.   Given this, make sure you sleep well, rest between sessions and get regular massage.   Your body needs to bounce back as fast as possible to maximize each 'key' session.   There are only 3-4 weeks in the phase left to make the most of it

2.   Get a checkup.  Now is the time to go and get all of your bike equipment maintained and up to scratch.   We want to have everything set in place so there will be no further changes needed on your bike, running shoes or goggles within the next month

3.  Start to think about and submit your nutrition and race plans.  You are going to have several key time trials in the coming weeks.   These will replicate race day conditions and race pace intensity.   Think about your nutrition early and make sure you have used the actual items several times prior to race day.  For Tri Edge members - shoot us an email to get these links for our online submission.

Triathlon has enough variables as it is, so tick the boxes and leave nothing to chance.  All the best with your upcoming mid-season peak!

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