Training for a triathlon

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Training for a triathlon

One of the first questions Tri Edge coaches get asked is ‘how do I train for a triathlon?’   As a newcomer to this sport often triathlon can seem overwhelming.  Three disciplines of swimming, cycling and running, not to mention all that goes into and around a big triathlon event.

Whenever we are asked about training for a triathlon we have a systematic approach that covers the following key questions:

What is your training history? This has a huge impact on how we will train a newcomer up for their first triathlon event.  Often clients have had training history in their past in one or more disciplines.

What are the identified triathlon races for the year?   One common mistake we have come across is athletes trying to do too many races, or races that require an established training history, too early.  Our goal as coaches is to minimize the risk of damage that our clients will do to their bodies and build them up over time to handle faster, longer and more frequent races.

Based upon the answers received above we would then inquire as to how much time our client would have to train per week?  When training for a triathlon event, there is certainly a minimum amount of time (depending on races chosen and training history) that will need to be committed in order reach the desired goal and complete the given race, in a safe way.  

Once we have all of the information above and a discussion has taken place, our goal as coaches is to bring the expectations of the athlete in-line with the gained knowledge of many years of the coaches own race experience and coaching experience to make sure the process of training for a given triathlon is as enjoyable as possible!  

It does not stop there.  This process is continually repeated when creating triathlon-training programmes.  This is true for any athlete, at any level, from someone doing their second race, or for athletes winning titles.

Training for triathlon is complex, it is our goal to give our clients the best experience possible and have them reach their goals in most efficient way.

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