Triathlon Off-season: Time to Recover

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Triathlon Off-season: Time to Recover

​Finally, the season is over. Other than those who are building for the Phuket races at the end of the year we are now finished the official Singapore Triathlon season. You can now rest, recuperate and repair your body. This is the perfect time to savor all your achievements reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly. This year the off-season has been kicked started with the haze, so this article will go through a range of various activities you can do to maximize this period. An off season does not mean you should simply stop all activity completely, rather it means that you can do other sports that will complement your next season or you can focus on a single discipline to bring it up. The goal is to start next season off, on an excellent platform.  

Full Recovery

You can use this time to fully recover from all the extreme training you have had done during the season. This surely is the time for you to take a look on minor injuries you have been ignoring while you were on training. This rest will also allow for your muscles to recover due to repetitive pedaling and striding. While you are at it, you can do some physio rehabilitation and engage in pilates and yoga to regain your form.    Not only will these activities help repair you from your prior season, but also they will enable you to train harder in the next buildup, as you will be more efficient.

Improve Your Weaknesses

Yes, we know you deserve some rest but it does mean you will totally be inactive. Usually, this period is seen as a time for you to work on your weakness in the sports of swimming, biking, and running. Usually, to maximize the time available we will focus on ONE of the three disciplines.

Zoning in on Swimming

If we are on a swim focus we should not drop away the two key long Tri Edge Team swims per week. Rather we should add 2-3 additional swims (dropping out 2-3 runs or rides).  Key focus points for the additional swims are as follows:

Technique development – by slowing down and practicing perfection you will become more efficient.  This is an excellent chance to get some one-on-ones or ask a coach at a session for pointers.

Kick, kick, and more kick – without a doubt the kick is the most under-utilized component of triathlon swimmers.  If you cannot break a 1.45m – 100meters swimming freestyle then it is highly likely your kick is too weak!

Strength – Land based exercises, and other sessions like GYM or Yoga are going to help to build upperbody strength.  This will directly translate to swimming speed

Flexibility – if strength is not your issue usually flexibility will be.  Swimming is a blend of force and efficiency.  There is no point being strong if you are dragging your body through the water.


Dialing in on Cycling

For those looking to improve their cycling, once again simply increasing your kilometers on the bike will take you a long way.  With some fun races such as Tour De Bintan and the recent OCBC that has just passed, this is a fun time of the year to be on the bike.  The haze is a barrier right now however this will allow you to do more wind-training work, such as single leg repeats alongside other drills.

This time of the year is also perfect to re-look at your equipment and make upgrades.  Also it is perfect for things such as bike fitting, which can be done via our service providers Cannasia and also Elite Bikes



As with the other two disciplines, doing more is always a starting point for improvement.   However, here are some easy ways to see huge improvements:

Get a running gate analysis or a footfall test.  Core concepts offers a range of services, or we also work with stand alone providers like Nick.  Ask a Tri Edge coach for details if you are keen for any of these services

Running drills.  We have a Tri Edge session coming up with Matt Fox.  Aside from being our travel partner via Flight Center Active, he also has been one of Australia’s top 800m runners, running well under 1.50 for an 800m!! He will be taking us through tips and drills to bring out the super speed

Do Other Things or Cross-Train

Ideal sports for an off-season can be: Rock-climbing and water polo (if you can find a team). If you happen to get a vacation in the northern hemisphere, you can try cross-country skiing, which is suited in that part of the world.

Enjoy this off-season – if you get it right we are going to be set up to have a flying start into 2016!

Image By Dennis Yang from San Francisco, CA, USA (Tree on the Beach) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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