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You have no right to be such a good triathlete

What will make a triathletes career or simply take them to the next level is when they address their biggest weakness and own it. Just like Superman, every triathlete will have their kryptonite. For some it may be a glaring weakness in one discipline, for others, it may all be mental. It may be nuanced and hard to find, such as someone who has no clear weakness, but too much confidence, or simply an athlete that struggles with managing their weight - either over or under. The key to making the biggest breakthroughs in the sport of triathlon is in being able to bring your awareness to the biggest weaknesses and transforming it.

When we say own it, this is not simply working hard at it. Nor does it mean getting it to a satisfactory level or perhaps even an excellent level. To maximize your potential your weakness needs to become your defining strength. You need to make it become such a part of you, that from the outside looking in, people would think that is the talent you have been gifted all your life. Understandably, this is an incredibly hard and potentially long process. It is going to require an enormous amount of sacrifice, pain and perhaps brutal honesty. But there is a secret..... Something magical happens along the way.

By becoming the owner of your biggest weakness you will be reshaped. In this transformative process that is akin to a caterpillar making a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly, the body and minds response will also be transformed. The leanings in the mind and the deep changes that will occur in an athletes body will permeate out, not just into their other disciplines, but also into the energy, the confidence, the overall magnetism of what they now are. Almost as if by fate itself, or as some have eluded to as the ‘secret’, the athlete will be changed. This may be for a short moment, or it may last months, years or perhaps decades - the athlete will become more than the sum of all parts and this is where the magic happens. This is how we like to think of it:
“Me and my friends are part of a tribe. A tribe built on the mutual understanding and respect of what it’s takes to do what we do. The question is how far are you willing to go, what sacrifices are you willing to make, how good do you want to be?”

To decide to become your biggest weakness is the most difficult journey for an athlete. Almost all athletes will simply not make it. However, there is a light in this tunnel. Even if you don’t get all the way there, by taking this path you will improve more than most can ever contemplate. To quote out of one of my favourite movies of all time Gattica “You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back.” (You better watch the movie for the meaning of this quote)

Focus on the biggest weakness and you will achieve far beyond what you ever thought possible.

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