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The Tapering Phase is extremely risky for Triathletes.

This article digs into our top 5 tips to ensure that all of your hard work pays off, and you make it to the startline, and maximize your race! 

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Periodization, Recovery, Triathlon -

Training makes you worse and Recovery (or proper rest) makes you better.  The whole time we are training we are putting the body into a state of overreaching (vs. overtraining) and this forces the body into an adaptation phase that only manifests properly when we rest. A proper training plan, appropriate to the individual athlete and a feedback loop with a good coach will also enhance this process. Here are some general principals:   1. Periodization specific to recovery There are 3 phases that are critical to periodization when it comes to achieving optimal recovery.    Firstly is the macrocycle: This is...

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One of the frequent questions asked by new athletes is, “should I breathe out through the mouth or nose?”

This article covers a wide range of tips so you never get that awful water up the nose sensation again!

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How I like to explain a clients progression journey through the sport of Triathlon is like crossing a bridge.  At the start the bridge is wide, there is a low chance of falling off or falling down. Otherwise put; when a person first starts off in the sport of Triathlon there is a lot of easy wins and potential to get fast improvements. For at least 2-3 years simply by following a structured training program, working on glaring weaknesses and being consistent, will ensure that athlete improves. Because of the relatively low training volumes, a beginner can recover easily between...

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It is fair to say that often the country you are born into, will dramatically affect your chances of being successful at a specific sport. Aside from the physical attributes that may be characteristic of specific ethnic groups, or the geographical locations, such as requiring mountains or snow, or coastal waters or large lakes in the example of sailing, perhaps the most important factor driving long term and multigenerational success is cultural factors.Perhaps the most obvious example of this fact in endurance sport is that of the Kenyan running dominance. What few people know is that the bulk of the best Kenyan...

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