Tri Edge is excited to offer you race pace calculators.  Here you will find race pace calculators for the distances of:

For 5km and 10km we allow for seconds calculations.  21km and 42.2km we go only to minutes.

You can either enter in a time based upon your usual pace on a per km or per mile basis, or you can simply work backward from a target time.  Ideally if you are early on in your season, establishing your ideal 'race pace' is important to know so then you can plan training accordingly.

We have an allowance for 'fade'.  Of course the ideal situation is that you are able to hold a continuous pace the entire race or even run the second half of the race slightly quicker than the first, however for most of us we will tend to get slower as the race goes on.  Our suggestion is to talk to your coach when deciding how much fade you would like to add into the calculation.  As a general rule, fade can start at halfway through an event.

We hope this calculator assists your preparation and racing this season.