Display Medal Rack

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Despite this growth, triathlon at its core has not changed.   It is the sport in which we participate to challenge ourselves at the highest levels, in the most challenging conditions against those who aspire to be better.

Steeped in history with its genesis in California and followed by Hawaii with Ironman, the sport of Triathlon continues to set a very high bar for elites through to first-timers.  The feeling it gives you is like a drug. People want more of it and they want others to join them on the journey.

You simply cannot keep it to yourself.

You are part of something special and we encourage you to share this passion with others


These metal racks are made with high-quality metal and are the resting place for your memories, sacrifice and hard work.

Choose your design and fill it up with memories of events gone by!


You deserve to acknowledge your achievement and share it with your closest friends, family and others in your local Triathlon community.