Harness Pre-Race Anxiety eBook

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Pre-race anxiety starts a long time before the morning of a race.   If you are a Triathlete, Runner, Cyclist or Swimmer the feelings you have are real.

Indicators you suffer from moderate to severe pre-race anxiety are:

  • Having sleepless nights the week leading up to an major event?
  • Not feeling like eating the morning of the race?
  • Being sick prior to event start?

Almost everybody suffers from pre-race anxiety.  It is understandable and normal.  Fortunately, you can learn to calm down, manage it, and even use your pre-race anxiety to gain an edge on your competition.

 This eBook on pre-race anxiety goes through:

  1. Addressing fear, doubt and making the unknown factors visible
  2. Developing coping mechanisms in the ‘what if’ scenarios and indicators moment to moment
  3. Harnessing the energy and racing optimally  
  4. Reflection, analysis and documenting, for continual improvement