Swim Training Resistance Belt

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There are many common training tools that will assist to improve your swimming and things like paddles, flippers and kickboards are all staples in any Triathletes swim bag.  Often overlooked swim belt. Training with a swim belt can increase speed and endurance for an overall stronger open water swim.

A swim belt should be part of your swim training.

Specifically, swim belts are ideal when you:

  1. only have limited access to a short pool
  2. or when you are travelling and there is only a mini-hotel pool


Swim belts can be used for: 

  • developing raw power, as you are swimming against a different type of resistance that simply swimming usually offers
  • improves your ability to swim in a straight line instead of weaving from one side to the other
  • facilitates the practice of bilateral breathing, helping you concentrate on the minimal head rotation that you need to take a breath on each side.
  • improves your kicking by allowing you to concentrate on the motion from your hips and thighs rather than from your knees.
  • allows you to work on sighting, which is something all triathletes need to practice. Set up a water bottle or cone on the other side of the pool as a benchmark. A good idea is to lift your head up and forward at the same time you are taking a breath. During this phase, you should have one eye completely out of the water while the other eye is barely above the waterline. The idea is to have minimal over-rotation and hip drop when sighting.
  • be a good tool for practising drills, especially one-arm drills. Swim with one arm for a set amount of time, then switch to the other. This drill will help produce a more even stroke.
  • help to minimize over-rotation from one side to the other by letting you concentrate on equal rotation for each side.
  • allow you to apply the same pull force with each arm and aid in a full stroke for each arm.



  • This swim belt is made of high-quality materials and has 2/3/4meter adjustable harness